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The omni-present threat in todays ever changing globalised markets effects every sphere of the business lifestyle. That is why at Colossal Group we pride ourselves on providing a holistic approach and applying countermeasures that are commensurate with the extant threat.

“Colossal’s close protection team exude professionalism and I felt exceptionally comfortable and safe whilst within their duty of care. I would happily recommend or employ Colossal’s VIP protection services again and would be confident of a service that would excel.”

Peter Tylor
Cuffe and Taylor

Today’s business professional, corporate expansion and responsive news correspondent may require taking up regular travel through hostile environments where the threat of attack and kidnap may be elevated.

Colossal Group operate in some of the most austere hostile environments in the world, using fully licensed and trained security professionals with in our mobile personal security detail teams. Armored personnel carriers with a B6 protection level and armed expatriate teams can be provided globally to ensure the highest protection for your employees. These operations can be conducted in high or low profile determined by the threat level, ground conditions and recommendations from local intelligence sources.

Our close protection teams are fully SIA licensed, emergency response qualified and predominantly transpire from a former military background. This allows our operators to offer complete peace of mind to our clients so that their focus is on business or personal life. We can provide executive cars with a team who will plan every detail of the your itinerary to ensure minimal disruption while providing maximum protection.

Protection of assets, buildings and personnel is a priority for every functional business or high profile individual. Ensuring the right level of protection in order that the business operation, profit margins and reputation are protected is essential. Our static guard teams and individuals can ensure that security is comprehensive.

Three questions all companies must ask when undertaking any operation in any location are: What can go wrong? What is the likelihood it can go wrong? And what are the consequences?

Colossal Groups experienced risk assessment and crisis managements teams can assist with quantifying and mitigating against potential corporate weakness or emerging disasters.

Facilitating the mitigation of emergencies, crisis and disasters within an organization can be a daunting and sometimes unwelcoming prospect. Ensuring you are prepared for the ‘unlikely event of’ will ensure a positive and structured approach to respond with. Rebuilding your reputation post the poor handling of a disaster, crisis or emergency could conceivably be impossible.

Colossal can provide specialist individuals with former military and police planning backgrounds to design and implement BCM, Crisis and Disaster management plans which will allow you to facilitate a pragmatic and efficient management response.

VIP Personnel Tracking

Colossal’s uses a smart app that provides a tracking and panic alarm capability through employees’ iPhone/Android/BlackBerry handsets. The application communicates encrypted positional information and alerts to the operations platform web software enabling security managers to quickly identify the exact location and status of employees.
Features will include:

  • TRACKING: The app can be installed and update an employee’s position at predefined intervals. The employee has the option to change the reporting rate from 1 minute – 24 hours using the app.
  • ENCRYPTION: All locational data and messages sent from the app is bit encrypted, using the highest commercial encryption available.
  • PANIC ALARM: This will activate the alarm on the operations monitoring platform when pressed, also triggering SMS and email alert notifications to staff. The app will report at 15-second intervals when in Panic Alarm mode. The app is interchangeable between employees to reduce costs for rotating employees.
  • 2-WAY TEXT MESSAGING: Between the operations platform and app. Ops Room can ‘broadcast’ security updates from the operations platform to all users. Panic alarm and messaging will work, even if tracking is switched off.
  • CHECK-IN: Staff can send one-off Check-in position report, with text message.
  • POLL: If the app’s tracking mode is switched off, the Monitoring Center can still send a ‘Poll’ command. This commands the app to send back its current position that can be useful to locate an employee’s current location in an emergency.
  • REMOTE SETTINGS LOCK: All settings can be remotely locked from the operations platform so the client can standardise a workforce’s security tracking.

In addition to this service employees can be provided with a tracking unit with all the above features. The advantages of this type of tracking system is:

  • Extremely Durable
  • Battery Life - is dramatically improved due to the only features of the unit being as listed above without other phone use.
  • No liability on personal property
  • Logistics – Can remain in place in the country of origin as no requirement outside the tracking area.
  • Speeding Alarm – the ECHO will send a speeding alarm if the vehicle exceeds a certain speed threshold when reporting.
  • Low Profile – At 108mm height (152mm with antenna) and only 150g, the ECHO is small enough to be clipped to an Employee’s belt, or kept in their pocket or bag.
  • Iridium Satellite Based – The ECHO reports via the Iridium Satellite network, allowing the device to update its position from anywhere in the world, no matter how remote the region.
Vehicle Tracking

Colossal offer a fleet management system using Integrated Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS).
These systems can be hard wired in to permanent fleets for remote monitoring not just for security purposes but also as a quality assurance process. The system will use either local GPRS networks or the global Inmarsat satellite network to send back reports at a rate of your choice on a range of areas such as:

  • Comprehensive oversight of vehicle locations and security status
  • Speeding violations
  • Harsh braking
  • Rapid acceleration
  • Over revving
  • Driving hours
  • Excessive idling and ignition
  • Seatbelt and headlight usage can be monitored
  • Individual drivers can be identified
  • Fuel consumption can be monitored
  • The optional panic button can trigger an SOS alert

The Benefits of this product can be to:

  • Real time reporting of fleet tracking
  • Streamline management systems and produced effective KPI’s
  • Security of all your fleet with real time monitoring
  • Identifying problems before they escalate
  • Training and lessons learned tool
  • Coverage in remote locations
Incident Reports

The correct response to any incident is vital to ensure correct liability, identify improvement areas, training, reputation protection and to ensure a situation does not develop further into a crisis.

Colossal can provide expert analysis from a former police or military investigation background, to ensure the correct data is collected and a comprehensive report complied which may be used for liability purposes in the future. A timely response to an incident is essential to:

  • Capture data whilst its fresh in the minds of witness’
  • Reputation protection
  • Business continuity
  • Quality improvements
  • Root cause analysis
  • Future training
  • Legislative purposes
Country Risk Profiles

Today’s ever changing globalisation, forces business to operate in some of the more austere places on the globe in pursuit of expansion and profit margins. The fear of the unknown is completely natural and rational response when considering new ventures.

Colossal aims to provide companies and individuals a full comprehensive country risk profile that will outline and identify potential problem areas for the investor. Each report shall analyse demographics, geographic and the security situation. Recent events, threat ratings and advisorys will be included within the report so there is a deeper understanding of the country your preparing to operate within.

Continuous Updates

In addition to the initial country profile, Colossal can provide daily, weekly and monthly security analysis reports. These reports can be bespoke to each individual client if there is a specific area of interest.

The reports provide in depth analysis into the country’s continuing stability using reputable information sources. The reports will:

  • Provide visual data analysis of incidents
  • Identify trends and problem areas
  • Included dynamic risk ratings
  • Local business headline
  • Country financial and political stability information
  • Break down the country into regions to develop heat maps
  • Identify any restrictions or up coming public holidays
  • Provide analytically estimated forecasts to help with planning

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